Sailing School FAQs

Here you can find what you wonder about our courses and the answers to frequently asked questions before coming to the course. Nevertheless, we would like to assist you if you contact us for any issues you have in mind.


What is life like on the boat?
Sailing boats can actually be described as caravans of the seas. There are three cabins for two people, a kitchen, a refrigerator, one or two shower-toilet depending on the boat, and a large saloon. The deck of the boats is specially designed for easy sailing and has a wide cockpit section. This cockpit part, which allows two person to sleep in the open air, if desired, can be called the most common and time-consuming area on the boat. Breakfast-dinner can be prepared on the boat as there is every kind of basic comfort. However, if it is desired, it can be eaten at the facilities in the bays where we approach all three meals.
What are the available facilities on the boat?
There are three cabins that allow six people to stay in our boats, all kinds of kitchen appliances including the oven, shower, toilet. This concept, which is no different from a caravan, is actually easier to adapt than it is, as it includes more minimal solutions of facilities in our homes.
Charging phones or computers is possible only after the electrical connection is obtained from a pier, since 220 Volt electricity facilities are available from land. However, it is possible to meet this need at any time with small 12 Volt lighter charges.
Since our routes are sometimes out of the coverage of telephone networks, there may be interruptions in communication.
What should we bring with us?

In addition to the bag you have always prepared for a seaside holiday, you should also make sure that you bring the following items with you for your sailing holiday:

- Suntan cream
- Your Personal Medicines
- A Pair of Sailing Gloves
- Non-Slip Rubber Light-Colored Sole Boat Shoes
- Hat
- Sunglasses and Band to Tie From the Back
- Long-sleeved T-shirt and a Slim Sports Pants to Protect From the Sun
- Raincoat and Windbreaker (Especially for Spring and Winter)
- Slippers and a Comfortable Sport Shoe
- Sleeping Bag (Only for Winter Season)

How is the accommodation in the courses?
Since six people can sleep in our cabins and one or two people can sleep in the saloon, six participants can easily stay on the boat and seven or eight people can stay on the boat during holidays and trips.
Our guests can sleep in the order they want during their holiday journeys.
We provide a bed for everyone in the courses, but students who do not want to share a cabin can close the cabin for an extra fee.
We can guide our guests who wish to stay in Marmaris and we can recommend accomodation at a pension or hotel for daily trainings.
Where can we eat on holidays and courses?
Our participants can have their meals on the boat or at the restaurant that we will berth at the end of the day. If a common decision or opinion regarding this issue is stated in the briefing on the first day, the shopping to be made on the boat can also be shaped accordingly.
The preferences are personal, you can prepare the meals you want by using the equipment on the boat, and those who want can eat in the restaurant.
As we are generally sailing during noon, we prefer hearty meals that can be prepared quickly on the boat, such as gözleme or sandwiches that can be usually prepared before lunch.
Can we come to the courses with our children?

Of course!

We even want you to come with your kids. Because this unique experience that they will have at a young age will add unique features to them in the future.

On holidays and excursions, we can draw net around the boat for your little children. We also have small life jackets.

It is at your discretion whether or not your child has the capacity to participate in the trainings, not forgetting that our other trainees are also on the boat for training. It should be kept in mind that children under the age of 12 may have difficulties regarding both the level of physical and cognitive development.

I have never had sea experience before, can I still sail?
Of course!
Perhaps this experience will help you meet or make peace with the sea. Starting from the basics, we would like to do our best to make you love the sail.
What are the extra costs, how much money should we bring with us?

The most important expense item is food and drinks on the boat. During the one week courses and events, this expense item may vary for everyone depending on whether you want to eat on the boat or in the restaurant.
You can browse the details of the program of interest, as other costs stated on our activity and travel pages may vary depending on the trips.

In all programs, your captain and your guide, if any, will be your guests at meals.

How can we reach Marmaris, do you help to reach the marina?
The nearest airport to Marmaris is in Dalaman. There are direct flights from Istanbul and Ankara domestically and from many points abroad. Havaş and Muttaş buses from the airport to Marmaris carry passengers according to flight times.
If you wish, we can arrange a transfer from the airport for you for a fee.