Göcek - Fethiye

Göcek and Fethiye region has recently become a meeting point for seafarers and sea lovers. It justifies its reputation for its natural appearance and unique geography. Boats visit Göcek in all seasons, from the latest model yachts to small fishing boats. Being an ideal meeting point with air temperature, wind and sea, Göcek also gains importance with its 22 km distance to Dalaman airport, which is in international standards. Despite the fact that it was built in the past years, Göcek Marina has developed rapidly and has become a special center. It is now very easy for you to come from Istanbul, Ankara and other regions, and get away from the troubles of life and find peace in the blue-green paradise of Göcek.

In addition to these, Göcek is a special center because each bay and nearby island is in short distances. Before starting your blue voyage, you can get all your needs from the center of Göcek, It is a small village, but until recently it has developed quite a lot thanks to the marina. Although it has limited opportunities today, the municipality tries to provide the best service to the guests.


You can safely enter the Göcek port day and night without restrictions. You can moor boats to the municipal marina or to the D-Marin Marina or Marintürk Marina, which is in an incredible beauty and in magnificent bays. The nature and sea of ​​Göcek is immaculate and virgin with its unique brightness as if it had just been created. Göcek Culture and Tourism Directorate carries out works to protect the region in addition to waste collection activities in the gulf. The municipality does not allow new buildings to be constructed to prevent the natural beauty of the region from deteriorating. Göcek bays, whose bays and islands are now famous, can be crowded in high season.


If you set off from Marmaris, it will be worth stopping at Ekincik or Aşı bays. You can tour the Dalyan river with cooperative boats, go to the Köyceğiz lake and visit the famous Kaunos, and watch the Caretta Carettas while eating blue crabs. Aşı Bay is a sheltered bay against northwest winds, but it can be a dangerous anchorage place while it is blowing from the south.

There are many beautiful places outside Göcek and Fethiye Bays. Turunç Pınarı and Soğuksu Bay are only two of them. While mooring the boat in Soguksu Bay, the restaurant owner will help you moor the boat. If you come here, don't just laze! Get up early and walk up the hill and see the famous Kayaköy. An unforgettable sight! The Dead Sea is very close from here. You can anchor at the entrance with the boat and swim in the bay. Amazing colors are waiting for you!


Gemiler Island used to be a deserted anchorage place in the past, but it can now resemble an amusement park from time to time due to daily tour boats and gulets during the summer months. If you decide to stop by, the afternoon will be better for your peace of mind.


If you have more than a week, you can continue further south east. Staying away from the sand benches in Patara, you can go to Kalkan, Kaş and go up to Kekova and Üç Ağız. Due to the shallows and winds, this region is not easy but it is worth seeing these beautiful bays that are unique in the world.