About Sollare

Interest in sea and water sports of the people living in Mediterranean and Aegean coasts in Turkey was quite small until recently. Nowadays, this is changing to a different position. In this context, our wish is to introduce sailing and maritime to more people.


It very easy to get the necessary licenses go out to sea with a boat in Turkey and this document is taken only after a written exam that can be easily passed. Our goal is to make sure that you have this document by preparing you for any situation with applications besides theory. Remember, the sea is not only learned from the book.


We aim you to enjoy the sea with a different perspective after our sailing and maritime programs.


We create the most appropriate environment to sailors who want to own a boat, charter a boat or participate in races will improve their boat experience by practicing on the boat. We spend the entire course time at sea and you will be at the helm all the time. We as your instructors will always be with you.


Sailing is not only a sport, but also a lifestyle. We are working with the motivation to give you this experience that will change you, touch your life as your life before and after sailing.


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