Sailing On The Carian Way

May 23 - May 29 and May 30 - June 5

In the spring, which is the best time of the Aegean and Mediterranean geography, we will be in nature and on the sea following the Carian Trail by sailing. There will be basic sailing training during the event.

We will chat about "The Road" and "Walking". We will go back to our boat by going ashore and doing daily walks. There is no way to walk once again where we walk, to go back the path we walked. Boat accommodation.

Bays that can be reached by sea, exquisite views, nature and history will be waiting for us. Landscapes, history, friendships, having fun are the constant theme of every tour, but we did not want to plan this event only as nature, sea or sailing.

During the event, we will both receive basic sailing training and explore nature and hiking routes under the guidance of Altuğ Şenel. We all have different stories and things to learn from each other.

While we plan to be sailing and trekking, we will store energy for the next day's activity program while staying in a different bay on the boat every evening for a week.

Since the accommodation will be on the boat, we will do most of our shopping before leaving Marmaris Marina. Of course, there will be the opportunity to shop between bays. You can prepare meals in the kitchen with the facilities on the boat, or you can have your morning and evening meals at the facilities in the bays where we will approach. We will also make our preparations for snacks during our march.

Do not be late to attend this event, which will take place in two different weeks, starting May 23 and May 30!