Yoga and Sailing

October 3 - 9

We created our sailing and yoga activity to understand our nature and realize ourselves and return to our essence.

We will do some maritime training, some sailing training, and we will do plenty of swimming in the bluest bays. In the morning and afternoon, we will be refreshed and rested by the yoga, meditation and breathing exercises on the piers and the hills with magnificent views.

You may have never been to the sea or practiced yoga before. No maritime or yoga experience is required in this event. In fact, thanks to this collaboration that will help you meet the sea and yoga, you will feel completely different besides spiritual relaxation. You will have the opportunity to discover aspects of yoga that you may never have thought of through breathing exercises and meditations under the guidance of Ekin Karayiğit.

We will welcome spring and say hello to summer in the most beautiful season, where the most beautiful shades of blue and green come together in a wonderful geography with a perfect sea view.

Our six-day event will start with a meeting and meeting on the boat in Marmaris Netsel Marina on Saturday, October 3 and end with our return to the marina on Friday, October 9. We will be in the lush nature of the Hisarönü bays of Marmaris.

In the first weeks of October, the weather is still warm and when the season is calmer, get out of everything and join to the club=)


Bozburun Peninsula and Hisarönü Bay

Marmaris - Çitflik Bay - Serçe Harbor - Dirsek Bükü - Söğüt - Bozukkale - Marmaris

Daily Schedule

Day 1

Marmaris - Ciftlik Bay

We set off from Marmaris with our boat. After giving basic safety and cruise information on the boat in the morning, we will pass through İçmeler, Turunç and Kumlubük and reach the farm, which is a private bay, and connect to the pier at the end of the cruise.

During the cruise, basic sailing training will be given and we will have a sea break at the points where we can.

After mooring in the afternoon, we will calm down and see the sunset with our first meditation session.

Accommodation on our boat at Çiftlik.

Day 2

Ciftlik Bay - Serce Harbor

After waking up to a fresh day from Çiftlik Bay, we will start the day with breathing exercises in our early yoga session with Uma. We will have our breakfast after this relaxing and refreshing session. After breakfast, we will sail to Çiftlik Bay and sail to Serçe Harbor, the southernmost point of Bozburun Peninsula, passing through Armella and Arap Island locations.

During the cruise, basic sailing training will be given and we will have a sea break at the points where we can.

In the afternoon, we will have tranquility sessions within the unique nature of Serçe Harbor.

Accommodation is on our boat in Serce Harbor.

Day 3

Serçe Harbor - Dirsek Bükü

After our calm yoga session in Serçe Harbor in the morning, we will take anchor and set off towards Dirsek Bükü. On the way, we will increase the pleasure of sailing with a swimming break in Çanak Harbor.

After anchoring in Dirsek Bükü in the evening, we will have relaxing sessions again.

Accommodation on our boat at Dirsek Bükü.

Day 4

Dirsek Bükü - Söğüt

After departing from Dirsek Bükü, we will follow Tavsanbuku and Kızıl Island and go down to Bozburun. After having a swimming break in one of the sage and thyme-scented bays behind the Kızıl Island, we will be moored to Söğüt in the afternoon.

Accommodation on our boat in Söğüt.

Day 5

Söğüt - Bozukkale

We will continue the day we started with meditation and breakfast in Söğüt in the morning by turning our bows to Bozukkale. A delicious sailing day will follow the sea break in Oğlan Boğuldu. After resting in Bozukkale, where we will be moored in the afternoon, we will return to our essence with Ekin and embrace the day we left behind.

Accommodation on our boat in Bozukkale.

Day 6

We will leave Bozukkale in the morning and we will return to Marmaris. We plan to reach Marmaris in the afternoon if there is nothing wrong and our activity ends in Marmaris.

Following the mooring in Marmaris, we will make a brief recovery / summary presentation on basic education and on the whole trip itself.

Those who want, can stay in the boat until 09:30 the next day.

Participant Number

The minimum number of participants for organizing our event is four.

The maximum number of guests we can accept is five due to the on-board accommodation facilities.

If there are more participants, we can include the second boat in the tour.

There are three double cabins in our boats and single beds in the saloon. You will also have the chance to sleep in the cockpit or on the deck, if weather permits. You can stay on the boat throughout the event.
What to bring with you

- Suntan cream
- Your Personal Medicines
- A Pair of Sailing Gloves
- Non-Slip Rubber Light-Colored Sole Boat Shoes
- Hat
- Sunglasses and Band to Tie From the Back
- Long-sleeved T-shirt and a Slim Sports Pants to Protect From the Sun
- Raincoat and Windbreaker (Especially for Spring and Winter)
- Slippers and a Comfortable Sport Shoe

Important: We will provide the Yoga Mats for you but if you wish you could also bring your mats.

€750 per person.
Price Includes


Yoga guidance

Sailing training

Breakfast and dinner


Final cleaning

Marina costs


Shower towels, mattress covers and linens

Price Excludes
About Our Yoga Guide, Ekin Karayiğit
Reservation and Contact
Please call us on +90 536 929 9031 for any questions or requests to participate in our event.
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